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The Rex-Royal S300

We proudly present our Rex-Royal S300; a result of the innovative power of a modern, visionary Swiss family business with decades of experience in the manufacture of professional, fully automatic coffee machines. The S300 meets the highest standards for hotel business, gastronomy and self-service. Besides the attractive design, the use of reliable, powerful and high quality components ensures the perfect preparation of your beverages. The large touch screen of the S300, ensures an engaging experience - whether in self-service or in service operation. The intuitive menu makes it very easy to navigate through the various beverages and the screen presentation will surely delight you.

The Clever Solution for Railways

The Rex-Royal S200 Railway is the proud result of the innovative ability and the knowledge of a modern, visionary Swiss company with over 15 years of experience in the manufacture of professional fully automatic coffee machines for railway applications. It meets all safety and quality demands. In addition to the attractive design, the high-performance and high-quality components ensure that your drinks are perfectly prepared. Whether you are looking for uncompromising top-quality coffee, a wide variety of hot drinks or ease of use, the S200 Railway meets every requirement.

HACCP Certificate

The certified cleaning and rinsing program has been specially developed for fully automatic coffee machines and milk systems. A Swiss laboratory, member of the “Swiss Association of Analysis Laboratories”, has finally certified the Rex-Royal systems to be HACCP conform. In order to ensure the HACCP standards, we have developed a new cleaning set. It makes maintenance and care easier and guaranties every time a perfect coffee and milk processing. In addition to high quality and tuned cleaning products, the cleaning set contains specific brushes, small spare parts and a disinfectant spray. Furthermore a detailed instruction manuals comes with the set and explains maintenance processes which has to be done periodically but not on a daily base. The set is available for coffee machines with our without milk systems. The set comes for free with the machine delivery.


In addition the fresh milk system is periodically and automatically rinsed. This limits the microbiological drastically to a minimum.