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Rex-Royal S300 MCSTI

The "all-in-one" solution. Discover the difference of a complete version.
The Rex-Royal S300 MCSTI leaves no room for compromises.
At the touch of a button and with the appropriate cooling unit you can dispense the most varied range of coffee and milk beverages, but also produce a fine froth by using the steam lance – just like a barista. As an option you can also get the creamy cold milk froth. Thanks to the integrated instant containers, hot chocolate and other instant beverages can be enjoyed immediately. Additional you can dispense 30 litres of hot water per hour. For this model many attractive options are available.


Types in the S300 range
Coffee , Hot water
Coffee , Hot water , Instant
Coffee , Hot water , Steam
Coffee , Hot water , Instant , Steam
Coffee , Hot water , Milk
Coffee , Hot water , Milk , C-Foam
Coffee , Hot water , Instant , Milk
Coffee , Hot water , Instant , Milk , C-Foam
Coffee , Hot water , Steam , Milk
Coffee , Hot water , Instant , Steam , Milk
  • Warm milk beverages double-dispensed at the touch of a button with the self-priming M-version and FineFoam froth adjustment.
  • An optional integrated milk-pump system for the individual adjustment of the milk temperature; option for dispensing of milk from an under-the-counter solution.
  • Two large instant powder containers expand your beverage choice to include delicious chocolate or e.g. a vanilloccino.
  • Due to the convenient cleaning of the instant version and the large capacity of both instant powder containers, the Rex-Royal S300 with instant module is especially suited to the office/vending sector.
  • Powerful steam lance with optimised steam nozzle for the easy preparation of hot milk or the most delicate milk froth.
  • As an option you can also get creamy cold milk foam at the touch of a button. This option is also available for under counter solution.
  • Standard integrated, high-resolution 7″ capacitive colour touchscreen for the setting of up to 24 beverages symbols.
  • 2 different user interfaces.
  • Simultaneous preparation of coffee and hot-water beverages.
  • The proven, further-developed, metal brewing unit holds up to 23 grams of coffee powder and fulfils the highest demands for coffee quality.
  • Easy operation and care thanks to visual user prompts and automated cleaning.


Additional information

  • Type
  • Electrical connection
  • Hot water
    30 litres/h
    30 litres/h
    35 litres/h
  • Instant
    2 powder containers
    2 powder containers
    2 powder containers
  • Steam
  • Fresh milk
  • Weight (1 mill)
    58 kg
    58 kg
    58 kg
  • Cups / hour
    up to 250 cups **
    up to 250 cups **
    up to 250 cups **


** Depending on cup size and grinding

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