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Rex-Royal S300 MCT-CF (CompactFoam)

By using the S300 MCT-CF with the Rex-Royal CompactFoam milk system you can make perfect hot or cold frothy milk in the required consistency. The S300 MCT-CF is the key to an unlimited range of drinks. As is the case with all „M" models, with the CompactFoam (CF) range you can also serve all of the drinks that mix coffee and milk – from a perfect Latte Macchiato to a classic Espresso and lots more. The Rex-Royal S300 MCT-CF is especially suitable for self-service operations. An extensive range of refrigerators is available for your selection. All S300 models are compatible to the S500 machines.

Types in the S300 range
Coffee , Hot water
Coffee , Hot water , Instant
Coffee , Hot water , Steam
Coffee , Hot water , Instant , Steam
Coffee , Hot water , Milk
Coffee , Hot water , Milk , C-Foam
Coffee , Hot water , Instant , Milk
Coffee , Hot water , Instant , Milk , C-Foam
Coffee , Hot water , Steam , Milk
Coffee , Hot water , Instant , Steam , Milk
  • Hot and cold frothy milk in your preferred consistency at the touch of a button.
  • An unlimited selection of beverages from coffee and milk mixture drinks to hot and cold milk.
  • Get two drinks at a time at the push of a button.
  • Integrated as standard is a high-resolution, capacitive, colour, 7″ touchscreen on which up to 24 drinks symbols can be set up.
  • Two different user interfaces for service and self-service.
  • The tried and tested metal brewing assembly with its sophisticated design holds up to 23 grammes of ground coffee and satisfies the highest requirements in terms of coffee quality.
  • Easy to operate and take care of, thanks to on-screen user instructions and automated cleaning.
  • Milk pump included in in the refrigerator.
  • Milk control sensor for R-CF, UBR-CF (standard)

Additional information

  • Type
  • Electrical connection
  • Hot water
     30 litres/h
     30 litres/h
     35 litres/h
  • Fresh milk
  • Weight (1 mill)
    54 kg
    54 kg
    54 kg
  • Cups / hour
    up to 250 cups **
    up to 250 cups **
    up to 250 cups **


** Depending on cup size and grinding

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