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Rex-Royal S500 CST

With the powerful Rex-Royal S500 CST, you expand the CT model (coffee and hot water) with a steam wand. With a generous working width of 45 cm you can control the steam output with the control knob like a barista and as a result manually prepare milk specialties, such as cappuccino and latte macchiato.

You gain an alternative with the optional "BaristaSteam". With this system, manual milk steaming becomes child’s play thanks to the pre-set and programmable temperature. You can work even more comfortably with the "PowerSteam" option. In that case, you place the milk jug filled with fresh milk under the steam wand and the milk is almost being magically steamed. Additionally, the powerful hot water and steam boilers ensure consistent product quality. Cups can be warmed on the heated shelf provided.


Types in the S500 range
Coffee , Hot water
Coffee , Hot water , Instant
Coffee , Hot water , Steam
Coffee , Hot water , Instant , Steam
Coffee , Hot water , Milk
Coffee , Hot water , Milk , C-Foam
Coffee , Hot water , Instant , Milk
Coffee , Hot water , Instant , Milk , C-Foam
Coffee , Hot water , Steam , Milk
Coffee , Hot water , Steam , Milk , C-Foam
Coffee , Hot water , Instant , Steam , Milk
Coffee , Hot water , Instant , Steam , Milk , C-Foam
  • The integrated hot water/steam system has an hourly output of up to 58 litres and as a result fulfils the highest time and capacity requirements.
  • Efficient steam wand with optimized steam nozzle for the easy preparation of hot milk or the finest milk foam
  • With the optional BaristaSteam or efficient PowerSteam, milk can be automatically steamed as if a wizard is working his magic.
  • Separate, efficient boilers for the preparation of coffee, hot water/steam.
  • Patented metal brewing unit with storage capacity of 23 grams of coffee powder.
  • Consistent, high-quality production of single and double products.
  • Equipped with two precise, quiet and powerful grinders as standard.
  • Can be optionally equipped with a third grinder.
  • Equipped with a crystal clear, 10.1-inch, video-compatible display as Standard.
  • Intuitive and easy operation, whether for cup preselection or in self-service layout.
  • Machine can play advertising messages and be updated via USB Connection.

Additional information

  • Type
  • Electrical connection
    9.2 kW/3N/400V
  • Hot water
    58 litres/h
  • Weight (2 grinders)
    68 kg
  • Cups / hour
    up to 250 cups **

** Depending on cup size and grinding

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