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SCS Compact CT(H)

The SCS COMPACT CT(H) (“H” for high capacity) is equipped with a high capacity water boiler. With a hot water supply of up to 25 litres per hour and it fulfils the professional needs of our customers. Beside a big variety of coffee beverages you can dispense hot water and prepare two coffees at the same time. Due to its hot water variation the SCS Compact CT(H) is the ideal fully-automatic coffee machine for offices, convenience stores, takeaways, petrol stations etc.; Everywhere where a high hot water performance is needed.

Types in the SCS-Compact range
Coffee , Hot water
Coffee , Hot water
Coffee , Hot water , Instant
Coffee , Hot water , Milk
Coffee , Hot water , Instant , Milk

  • The integrated hot water system has a capacity of 25 litres per hour and fulfils high capacity requirements
  • Capacitive touchscreen control panel up to 10 beverages. The functions are self-explanatory and harmonious. Stored programming settings can be easily transferred to other machines.
  • Simultaneous preparation of two beverages.
  • The proven, refined, Rex-Royal metal brewing unit containing up to 16 grams of coffee powder, guarantees, also for double products, an optimal extraction of the coffee grounds and ensures an outstanding coffee quality.
  • The reliable stainless steel rotary-disk-pump with extreme efficient brushless motor guarantees a constant brewing pressure and consequently perfect coffee.
  • Up to 175 mm outlet height.
  • Modular construction of the coffee machine for short intervention and maintenance times.
  • Swiss quality – Swiss Made


Additional information

  • Type
  • Electrical connection
    3.2 kW/1N/230V
  • Hot water
    25 litres/h
  • Weight (1 mill)
    37 kg
  • Cups / hour
    up to 140 cups **

** Depending on cup size and grinding

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