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SCS Compact MCT

Would you like to refine your coffee and fresh milk products? The SCS COMPACT MCT for fresh milk beverages guarantees best results. The Rex-Royal milk system with the optional high-quality milk pump produces smooth milk froth. The temperature can be individually programmed for each product. Optionally you can also get the function “cold foam” for creamy cold milk froth. The compressor fridge “L” with a capacity of 4 litres and an operating temperature of 4-6 °C the proper storage of milk is guaranteed. In order not to lose any time during the rush hours, the fridge “Ld“ is built to supply cold fresh milk to two coffee machines. If required two cups of coffee or fresh milk beverages can be dispensed at the same time.

Types in the SCS-Compact range
Coffee , Hot water
Coffee , Hot water
Coffee , Hot water , Instant
Coffee , Hot water , Milk
Coffee , Hot water , Instant , Milk

  • Preparation of fresh milk products
  • The Rex-Royal milk system with the high-quality - gear pump (option) guarantees delicate, fine-pored foam on the highest standard and the possibility of adjustment of the milk temperature per every single product.
  • As an option you can also get creamy cold milk foam at the touch of a button. We also offer that option for our under counter solutions for all milk products.
  • Capacitive touchscreen control panel up to 10 beverages. The functions are self-explanatory and harmonious. Stored programming settings can be easily transferred to other machines.
  • Simultaneous preparation of two beverages.
  • The proven, refined, Rex-Royal metal brewing unit containing up to 16 grams of coffee powder, guarantees, also for double products, an optimal extraction of the coffee grounds and ensures an outstanding coffee quality.
  • The reliable stainless steel rotary-disk-pump with extreme efficient brushless motor guarantees a constant brewing pressure and consequently perfect coffee.
  • Up to 175 mm outlet height.
  • Modular construction of the coffee machine for short intervention and maintenance times.
  • Swiss quality – Swiss Made


Additional information

  • Type
  • Electrical connection
    2.0 kW/1N/230V
    3.8 kW/2N/400V
  • Hot water
    20 litres/h
    20 litres/h
  • Fresh milk
  • Weight (1 mill)
    39 kg
    39 kg
  • Cups / hour
    up to 140 cups **
    up to 140 cups **

** Depending on cup size and grinding

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